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When Nobody Else Stands Up, Proud Boys are There


Expect to hear more from us all across the world in 2023.

They wiped us down the memory hole and banned us from every platform.

They say whatever they want about us, and what can we do?

The only way the FBI and Marxist GloboChomos can cast us as villains…. is by keeping the public away from us.

We think when our neighbors see what we actually do, they may even decide that if this is terrorism.. .. they want to be a terrorist as well!

We grow slow and steady, be prepared to wait.

We really have no choice. They send informants in to entrap us. They are obsessed with destroying the club we love, just like the nation we love. (Spoiler, they wont.)

Don’t get it twisted, if you think man causes global warming and the election was on the up and up…if you want to restrict guns and loosen restrictions on kids genitals…you will hate us.

You’ll never guess this, but we’re PROUD of that too.

It has been an interesting couple weeks for the greatest Fraternity on earth.

First Coast News slandered us early last week, right before we outed the organizer Kolbey Criss and the dirtbags in his orbit. Many have crimes against women and children. His address is shown as shared for a decade with someone who has mob violence and lynching charges.

Just when you think journos cannot look any dumber they ran interference for a grooming ring with dudes who lynch people by calling us a “hate group”.

We knew the owner was hiding something based on initial checks, and cracked it open Saturday afternoon in time to publish before the protest.

The owner of Tepeyolos Cerveceria is Luis Mergarejo. In 2015 he was arrested for using a weapon to falsely imprison a minor under 13, whom he touched or battered.

Shame on all of you who are so infected with the cancer of political correctness that you did not see the pedophile symbols in the sign and hear about a drag queen show, which is sexual by definition, being pushed on children at a brewery with bottomless drink specials at 10AM on a Sunday and not think…hmmm this is a little odd.

First Coast News just spewed hate on us calling us a hate group. The same people who said the jab was safe and effective also say the guys with the bibles, jobs, businesses, and dashing good looks are terrorists in a hate group.

The guys who sexualize children and lynch people are victims of the hate.


We will never apologize for hating this bizarre push to insist on stealing innocence from kids.

FCN might want to apologize to the city for running interference for a child grooming operation. We knew you would.

We also knew you would cite the SPLC and ADL in your labeling of us.

Morris Dees, the founder of the SPLC was a race racketeer who was defending Klansmen before he started the SPLC with a partner. The partner called him out as a con artist and left, starting Habitat for Humanity.

His 1970s divorce was due to Morris Dees repeat molestation of his step daughter.

After the court documents were published a few years back, the SPLC saw dollar signs and removed him to have sole control of the hundreds of millions of dollars stacked in accounts in Cayman Islands.

The ADL was founded to defend Leo Frank, who raped and murdered Mary Phagan. They tried to exploit the racism of the day to frame a black man for the crime. Leo Frank was convicted anyway, and after political pressure commuted his death sentence to life, outraged citizens hung him.

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The 10AM Chicks with Dicks in fishnets twerking for kids while staff pour bottomless mimosas brunch at an establishment owned by a guy who imprisons minors and touches or batters them did not happen.

Rumor is they moved it to a different time.

We cannot be everywhere all the time.

We are calling on local churches, child advocates, charities, and all men of faith and honor in the community to stand up for our youth.

We need ordinances and laws banning sex themed shows for minors. They are so brazen now it is in the open, and they will push back against an outraged community. The arrogance is scary.

First they want the right to their body, OK we can accept that.

Next the right to murder the unborn inside of their body.

Now they are asserting a right to sexually use the bodies of children.

What does a family friendly drag show look like?

The picture below of the stripper drag queen in front of that scared confused little boy in a dress …it was taken there.

We ask for the churches and community leaders to mobilize and help drive this out of town until we can accomplish legislative

We realize we are polarizing, but that can draw attention to problems like this. If we can motivate the citizenry to action, we can move on to the next pressing issue.

We will be touching base with many of you in coming weeks, obviously there are many good people we have not met yet.

Send an email to:

We can guide you in the right direction and help get you started.

The left complains about hate and division, but all they do is foster more of it. Blame others for your failure. Insist everyone successful exploited their way up the ladder. Commie nonsense.

The rest of us, all the moderates, libertarians, and conservatives…. we need to stop waiting for “someone to do something” and do it ourselves, together. Doing > Talking.

That is the future ….as well as tbe roots and heritage of America.

God Bless Jacksonville and America!

Side note, maybe it was the situation being so absurd, but I noticed we were a little loose with cussing. We usually have decent manners.

Apparently if we are in front of Communist junkie child molesters, who want to teach kids to hack their peckers off, while they wave signs about satan yelling nazi at my brother reading a bible…I cuss more 😂

Since we are reaching out to churches, fret not, we will be good 👌

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